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IDC Traffic negotiating UPS Freight pricing

IDC Traffic is temporarily removing UPS Freight from the list of approved carriers because their pricing is not competitive. They are diligently working to resolve this situation. Your IDC-USA will keep you posted on their progress.


3rd party billing clarification from IDC Traffic


Program Details

IDC Traffic’s unique and transparent approach to freight management means our members will be able to better control their freight management spend, and deliver more profit to their bottom line.


Key Features

  • No disruption of service, billing, carrier involvement or business operations
  • Transparent invoicing. You pay shippers directly. All costs are disclosed for maximum control over freight management.
  • 100% Pay-For-Performance
  • Little or No Change in Current Process
  • No Upfront Costs and No Long-Term Contracts
  • Get Weekly Savings Reports Via Email
  • Freight Savings Review


How It Works

  • We perform an in-depth analysis of your transportation invoices and current methods.
  • We present the analysis to you, which is an accurate picture of your potential savings level.
  • We negotiate with the carriers using our own contract, not theirs.
  • Once the pricing is agreed upon, we publish the tariff in IDC-USA’s name.
  • You continue to deal directly with your current carrier reps.
  • You receive weekly Freight Reports – a spreadsheet detailing each shipment. Every bill is reviewed in detail to make sure billing is correct. You pay the carriers directly, free of any broker markup.
  • IDC Traffic bills you a percentage of the savings, which is outlined in the Freight Report. If you don’t save money, we don’t get paid.
  • Tips: Reduce Freight Costs