Supplier Opportunities

2017 Supplier Value Index

Congratulations to those IDC Preferred Suppliers who rank in the 2017 Supplier Value Index!
(Results are based on the 2017 calendar year. Suppliers were recognized during the 2018 IDC Awards Banquet.)


Supplier Value Index

The IDC Supplier Value Index (SVI) is a measurement criterion established to identify extremely successful supplier programs, gain an understanding as to why they are successful and help other suppliers replicate this success. This in-depth analysis offers the IDC Preferred Suppliers guidance as to how they can improve their business with IDC Owner-Distributors.  This performance rating scale provides a benchmark analysis to measure the "value" of each supplier program. Existing IDC Preferred Suppliers have indicated the SVI is an enormous benefit that provides them with analytical input which is valuable in making them a better company for all of their customers.


The SVI consists of five categories:

  • Product
  • Customer Service
  • Financial
  • Sales & Marketing
  • IDC Marketplace


IDC Preferred Suppliers who score in the top 10% are recognized as IDC Platinum Suppliers. The next 10% are designated as IDC Gold Suppliers, and the third 10% are designated as IDC Silver Suppliers.


We also encourage an annual Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM) to provide an opportunity for IDC-USA and IDC Preferred Supply Partners to strategize an action plan to improve sales and the success of the program. In preparation for an SPM, IDC National Headquarters sends an on-line survey to its owner-distributors asking for their input and feedback as to their satisfaction with the supplier program. The results of that survey along with feedback from the IDC Management Team are discussed. Additionally, considerable time is spent reviewing the individual scores within each category of the SVI. A roundtable setting invites the supply partner to present and discuss their marketing plan for the following year and to bring to the meeting any suggestions or concerns they may have about the partnership. The SPM is a time of collaboration and a key component to the success of supplier programs.


Let us know if you would like more information about becoming an IDC Preferred Supply Partner.