Supplier Opportunities

Available Supplier Programs

IDC Preferred Supplier Programs fit into one or more categories:

Distribution Center

As the name implies, Distribution Center programs are those programs that stock inventory in the IDC Distribution Center. IDC houses just under 50,000 square feet of inventory available to our members 24/7. Many products stocked in the IDC Distribution Center are commonly found in our members’ inventory and can be combined to help members meet their IDC prepaid freight requirements. The IDC Distribution Center allows its owner-distributors to combine product purchases from over 70 suppliers from a single location. In doing this, they can qualify their shipments for IDC pre-paid freight requirements.

Drop Ship

For products that are not well suited for the IDC Distribution Center, IDC-USA offers Drop Ship and Direct programs. Drop Ship programs are designed for those product lines that don’t necessarily lend themselves to a distribution center arrangement. Drop Ship programs are common among manufacturers/suppliers who supply large, bulky, or otherwise difficult product to inventory. With a Drop Ship program arrangement, IDC Distributors place their orders with IDC-USA. Product is then drop shipped from the manufacturer’s/supplier’s warehouse. The manufacturer/supplier who offers a Drop Ship program still benefits by having national distribution coverage with a single accounts receivable account.


Direct Programs are designed such that IDC Owner-Distributors place their orders directly with the supplier. In turn, the supplier ships product directly to the member with a rebate, commission or volume incentive paid to IDC-USA. Suppliers with a Direct Program arrangement may still utilize support and marketing efforts available at IDC National Headquarters. They are also encouraged to participate in the annual supplier trade show and other marketing opportunities available through the IDC Marketing Department.

Let us know if you would like more information about becoming an IDC Preferred Supply Partner